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empow Partners with Lastline to Accelerate Malware Detection and Response – To Fight Latest Threats

empow’s patented intent-aware “mind-reading” platform automates malware detection and response to create next-generation security organizations.

TEL AVIV, IsraelSept. 28, 2017 – empow, a pioneering cybersecurity startup known for its innovative security abstraction and intent-based orchestration, today announced a partnership with Lastline Inc., a leader in sophisticated network-based malware protection.  empow’s industry-leading orchestration will now be integrated with Lastline’s malware detection, yielding even more robust detection capabilities, automated investigation and response, and next-generation data security. This is the first of many anticipated partnerships, as empow’s power and flexibility is poised for cybersecurity integrations.

empow’s proprietary solution — which breaks down the organization’s defense capabilities into “security particles” to fully optimize any security platform in real-time, and which earned it a Gartner “Cool Vendor” award — will continue to be available as an independent product.

Its partnership with Lastline extends its reach with an integrated suite of tools that leverage empow’s patented “mind-reading” technology that understands attacker intent using all available security logs and intelligence from other sources.  empow’s integration with Lastline will offer real-time detection and the ability to accelerate investigation and response. Companies can benefit from a stronger and more responsive security architecture while simultaneously reducing overall cyber workload.

“empow’s integration with Lastline is gratifying because it showcases the power and flexibility of our ‘mind-reading’ platform that recognizes intent and allows instant action,” said Avi Chesla, empow founder and CEO.  “Combining empow with Lastline’s proven malware detection represents the comprehensive defense that is so essential as cybercriminals are relentlessly elevating the sophistication and evasive capabilities of malware, increasing the difficulty of detecting attacks, and making it harder to secure data before it is stolen.”

“We’re excited to partner with empow to provide their malware detection, after extensive vetting among top providers,” said Brian Laing, Lastline CRO. “Through this integration, customers will benefit from early malware detection and malware intelligence, and also be able to understand and maximize the value of their information. We are providing critical information to companies in order to reduce risks.”

About empow
empow is a cybersecurity startup founded in October 2014 in Tel Aviv with the mission of helping organizations “make more of what they already have.” Gartner recently recognized empow as a 2017 Cool Vendor in the Monitoring and Management of Threats category for its intent-based approach, and Forbes singled out empow’s technology as one of the few disruptive technologies at RSA in the “software-defined cybersecurity” arena. empow’s solution is successfully deployed at large companies in Europe and the U.S.

empow’s Security Platform integrates with your existing security tools, analyzes them, and breaks them down into their individual components (or “security particles). This creates an abstracted new layer (one unified language), through a set of AI algorithms which classify and create a taxonomy of the security capabilities – pros and cons – of each existing product.  This process runs continuously, automatically classifying new or modified security capabilities. When the empow analytics engine identifies an event, it understands the intent, and uses the abstracted security layer to correlate it with the best available response capability in the network.  The engine decides in real-time which critical function (or particle) should be executed by which product, and instantly reassembles a new, targeted security apparatus for each individual attack. In short, the empow platform makes cybersecurity exponentially better than the sum of its parts.

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