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empow Announces Launch of Open-source Attacker Intent Search Module to the Elastic Community

empow’s open-source module will enable millions of Elastic users to improve their security posture with attacker intent search capabilities.

BOSTON, March 6, 2019 – empow, whose intent-based SIEM enables companies to detect and respond automatically to attacks – without human-defined correlation rules – today announced it has released an open-source attacker intent search module to the Elastic community.

This open-source contribution represents a significant expansion of the empow/Elastic partnership.  The module uses the empow classification plugin and configures the entire Elastic stack – including Logstash pipeline, Elasticsearch, and Kibana UI – providing users the ability to efficiently uncover attacker intent, in seconds.

According to Kevin Keeney, Elastic’s Cyber Security Advocate, “The launch of empow’s open-source module enables millions of Elastic open-source users to significantly improve their security capabilities. Elastic’s DNA is all about commitment to the community, and by making their attacker intent platform available to all Elastic users, empow is demonstrating that its vision is aligned with Elastic’s, and delivering on that vision.”

“We’re very excited to be launching our open-source module for Elastic users,” said Avi Chesla, empow Founder & CEO.  “This supports our goal to ‘empower’ security professionals to make more of the tools they already have.  It also demonstrates the natural fit between our capabilities and Elastic’s.  Moreover, thanks to the open-source module, empow’s commercial
intent-based SIEM will be stronger and more effective every day, as it will be seamlessly enriched with the inputs of Elastic’s large open-source community.  In effect, it will now be the world’s biggest – and best – community enriched SIEM solution.”

“On the commercial front,” added Chesla, “We are already seeing positive reactions from customers to our partnership with Elastic. They see that together we provide a 360 solution to all their search and security needs, in a simple integrated way.”

The empow open-source module enables fast search for attacker intent in the user’s IT data, empowering security analysts to conduct advanced investigations and root cause analysis.

Those who choose to advance to empow’s commercial i-SIEM, will also gain access to security analytics capabilities that automatically identify and prioritize known and unknown threats, as well as coordinate responses. In addition, they will receive a powerful SIEM solution that is already seamlessly enriched by the millions of participants in Elastic’s open-source community. This ‘2 in 1’ solution integrates Elastic’s search capabilities and features, empow’s intent-based, “no rules” SIEM and a single point of contact for support for both.

To download the empow Attacker Intent Search open-source module, visit:

The empow team is at RSA.  To set up a meeting click here or contact

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About empow
empow is the developer of a new kind of security information and event management (SIEM) system that detects cyber attacks and automatically orchestrates adaptive investigation and mitigation actions in real time, without the need for human-written rules. empow’s innovative use of AI, including natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and cause-and-effect analytics, automatically understands the fundamental nature or intent of threats, finds the actual attacks hidden in the “noise,” and marshals the right security tools to respond when those attacks occur. Empow’s strategic OEM partnership with Elastic makes empow’s intent-based SIEM integrated with Elastic’s data lake the optimal security solution for Elastic users.
empow is headquartered in Boston, with an R&D office in Tel Aviv, and customers distributed across North America and Europe.

For more information:

Mickey Singer
Cell: 857-300-3930

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