About Us

empow was created to finally deliver on
the promise of Security Information
and Event Management (SIEM).

About SIEM

Security Information and Event Management – or SIEM – was created to help companies manage all of their many security products.
SIEMs today – all of them, even those who call themselves ‘Next Generation SIEM’ – have a very high cost of ownership and are frustratingly ineffective. They require security teams to constantly write hundreds, even thousands, of rules to maintain. Inevitably, overwhelmed security teams can’t keep up, and attackers – with their barrage of machine generated attacks – get the upper hand.



Our Advantage

empow’s i-SIEM uses proprietary artificial intelligence, specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP), to proactively read, classify and mitigate attacks, with minimal human-generated rules. The result is that security teams – even small teams with one analyst – can manage a SIEM simply, and finally achieve an effective security ecosystem for the organization.

In 2018 we announced a strategic OEM partnership with leading data search company Elastic. For Elastic’s 250 million users, empow’s i-SIEM is the go-to solution for advanced SIEM capabilities, seamlessly integrated with Elastic’s Stack.



Our Vision

empow is living its vision of “empowering” security teams to finally proactively secure the organization from attacks, using the security tools the organization already has – effectively. In this way, we help organizations “turn what they have into what they need.”

We hold eight patents, with eight more pending, which support our unique natural language processing, cause & effect analytics, and AI technology approach to SIEM. The company has won numerous industry awards and is a Gartner Cool Vendor.



Our Investors

empow was founded in 2014 and is backed by a group of Israeli investors (who are behind some of Israel’s most successful companies) and Ascent Venture Partners. We have an R&D center in Israel and headquarters in Boston, and customers throughout North America and Europe.