Will Someone
Please, Please,
Stop the Noise?!

We can stop the noise.

We use AI and machine learning to instantly classify attacks. Finally, your analysts can focus on the real threats.

  • H Joe’s identity was compromised
  • H Lucy’s PC is compromised with keylogger
  • M Mike’s Email account is used for spamming
  • L John is scanning the network
  • L Melinda is scanning the network

Put false positives on mute.

i-SIEM uses patented AI automation to detect and classify known and unknown threats, without manual correlation rules. Now you can make the most of what you already have.

More info. No noise.

Want better response?

i-XDR is an Extended Detection and Response platform that leverages your existing security infrastructure to get your entire security operations to run faster and better. Now you can improve your detection and response capabilities and save time and money.

See how we do it.

Shortest Path to Mature Security


Early detection of advanced threats, known and unknown – No rules !


Speed of Investigation and response (in seconds rather than days)


Visibility across all your environments


Improved ROI –
priced per hosts, not data

Security Analysts love our dashboard!

Instead of working through a mountain of logs from the bottom up, now you can immediately focus on what matters most

By drilling down into each suspicious entity and reviewing the summary information on that entity, we understand the risk to the organization.

After viewing the exact cause and effect sequence that led to that high score, the analyst can now act on it.


Put AI to Work for You

empow delivers an intelligent, patented AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution to reduce the noise of false positives, and let your team focus on a prioritized list of attacks that really matter. And you can accomplish this without the need to manually update or write static correlation rules.

section i-SIEM and Elastic Search - spaced

With empow’s Data Search Engine – Elastic –
You Get the Best of Both Worlds

The strategic OEM partnership between empow and Elastic gives you empow’s i-SIEM AND Elastic’s leading data search engine in ONE package, with a single point of contact and support.

empow’s platform comes with out-of-the-box integration with Elastic’s core components: Elasticsearch Kibana, Beats and Logstash (also known as the ELK Stack).


Your SIEM Can’t Tell You Its ROI.
Because There Isn’t Any.

Traditional SIEMs are notorious money pits. But by integrating with open-source based Elastic stack and automating the entire attack detection and response process, empow’s intent-based SIEM radically reduce your costs, and actually deliver a positive return on investment. See for yourself.

Watch How empow Works

Select Customers

“As a university, we need to share things, to be open, but still protect our users privacy – this makes us a big juicy target for cyber attackers.  empow’s Security Platform allowed us to optimize our security coverage, while ensuring privacy and extending visibility of what is happening in our network.”

Michail Bletsas, Director of Network and Computing Systems, MIT Media Lab

“By finally providing a SIEM solution that really delivers, empow helped us to use our arsenal of security products effectively, while dramatically cutting noise and alerts that require attention from our security team.
empow’s Security Platform was able to significantly increase our security coverage and visibility, while maintaining privacy, and improving ROI.
No other solution on the market today can deliver like empow.”

Aaron Baillio, Managing Director, Security Operations and Architecture, University of Oklahoma

“Are you frustrated with the 10+ years so-called “innovation” within the SIEM technology stack?  Are you demanding PREVENTIVE controls and automated mitigation for 80%+ of known risks with a platform that is flexible enough to fit your unique tech environment?  … Me too…. My recommendation?   Call Avi and the team at empow.”  p.s. Over the course of my 23 years in cyber security I have recommended very, very few products, but trust me, you will be impressed with this team.”

Dannie Combs, CISO, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Recognized for Technology Excellence

100% Renewal Rate in 2020 for i-SIEM

100% Renewal Rate in 2020 for i-SIEM

empow announced a 100% renewal rate for 2020, with a number of customers expanding their licenses, proof of the high value of the product for companies including financial services, utilities, manufacturers, universities and more.

To Effectively Manage IT and OT - Look to XDR

To Effectively Manage IT and OT - Look to XDR

Manufacturers are under growing risk of cyberattacks that can shut down operations (and COVID-19 isn’t helping). XDR is uniquely suited to effectively connecting both IT and OT and protecting manufacturer networks.

Universities - It's time to look at XDR

Universities - It's time to look at XDR

XDR is an exciting new direction for security teams at universities, whether they are looking for a more cost-effective approach (or alternative) to SIEM, less integration hustle, better privacy protection or the most technologically advanced solution.

XDR – What it is and how it differs from SIEM

XDR – What it is and how it differs from SIEM

In the security orchestration, detection and response arena, vendors have been doing essentially more of the same, while promising different results. XDR is poised to change this.

What is Extended Detection and Response - XDR?

What is Extended Detection and Response - XDR?

Avi Chesla and Dave Valovcin on the launch of i-XDR: “Automation matters now more than ever in cybersecurity.” #PleaseStopTheNoise

empow Announces the Launch of a new XDR Product: i - XDR

empow Announces the Launch of a new XDR Product: i - XDR

i-XDR is an intent-based Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform designed to work alongside SIEM and security tools, to get rid of the noise in the network.

How Voice Activation Can Assist SOCs

How Voice Activation Can Assist SOCs

Voice activation is making inroads into some arenas. In the security arena it could be a real game changer. Avi Chesla explains why and how in this Forbes article.

Phishing has been around for a while.  Why was Twitter vulnerable to it?

Phishing has been around for a while. Why was Twitter vulnerable to it?

Product Manager Sivan Omer analyzes the Twitter breach and weights in on how we can better protect networks from Spearphishing attacks and prevent “Silos Syndrome.”

Enjoy the Silence - Overcoming Noisy IDS Platforms

Enjoy the Silence - Overcoming Noisy IDS Platforms

IDSs generate mountains of false positives and are a major pain points for security teams in every organization. Read our recommendations for how to get noisy IDS tools under control.

The key to an effective VPN is the SIEM and UEBA engine that works with it. In this article, we cover how to secure your organization from a potentially vulnerable SIEM.

VPN Won’t Keep You Safe Without a Strong SIEM By Its Side

VPN Won’t Keep You Safe Without a Strong SIEM By Its Side

Think your VPN is keeping your organization safe while everyone is working from home? Think again.  empow’s product manager Sivan Omer explains the vulnerabilities in VPNs and what can be done about it.

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